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03 août 2010

Scandinavisk Misantropi [Skitliv]

In this age of splintered glass

In this ripping of living souls

In this moment of deaddeathdreams

In this scattering of self-restlessness

Scars of my everdrowned condemned spirit

Shall I travel to worlds unknown then?

I probably shan..t. Pray

I am stuck in this world of shitstained tears

I swallowed the swimming horses

I engulfed the sleeping winters owl

I gave birth to the last beast in the sky

And at worlds end I laughed out loud

I crucified my dreams with passion

I erected the tombstone myself

I dug the grave with scornful glee

Three days of silence I obtained

For my crucifixion

The burial and funeralpyre of my past

Now change came with mournful hatred

In the eyes. Your eyes. Eyes of doom.

In them I find the comfort of where others fear to roam

Open the rivalry within the codex of life

I..ll ride through these drugcrazed nights

Me and my reflection are but one

I pushed up into life and pulled out of it

Disabled was God

Disabled was Satan

Disabled we never were

Crack open the lingering fear and let it breathe

I drown so slowly these days

I choke on stale air

In limbo I remain

My blood is pregnant with contortionists

I do not fear

I do not

I do not - fear life




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